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Martyn live / dj


Artist Track Label Released
Martyn Frozen Bread Snaps 3024 10/2019
Martyn Odds Against Us Ostgut Ton 07/2019
Martyn Moves Air Texture 10/2018
Steffi + Martyn Air Texture Volume VI Air Texture 10/2018
Martyn Everything Is New 3024 10/2018
Martyn Voids Ostgut Ton 06/2018
Martyn Feel The Magnetism Aus Music 03/2018
Martyn Angels EP Dolly Dubs 03/2018
Martyn GL Outtakes 3024 11/2017
Doms & Deykers No Life On The Surface fabric | Dolly 06/2017
Doms & Deykers Evidence From A Good Source 3024 10/2016
Doms & Deykers Whirling Ostgut Ton 10/2015
Doms & Deykers Dedicated To Those Who Feel 3024 10/2015
Martyn Falling For You Ostgut Ton 10/2015
Martyn Jah Bedouin Ostgut Ton 06/2015
Martyn Block The Box DollyDubs 02/2015
Martyn Is This Insanity? feat. Spaceape 3024 09/2014
Martyn Empty Mind / Like That (Seven Davis Jr. Ninja Tune 08/2014
Doms & Deykers Fonts For The People 3024 06/2014
Martyn Forgiveness EP Ninja Tune 06/2014
Martyn The Air Between Words LP Ninja Tune 01/2014
Martyn Vancouver (Head High Remix) 3023 12/2013
Martyn Be My Own Pupil 3024 04/2013
Martyn Bad Chicago Nonplus Records 03/2013
Martyn Newspeak EP DollyDubs 05/2012
Martyn Red Dancers Monkeytown Records 03/2012
Martyn Hello Darkness Brainfeeder 10/2011
Martyn Ghost People LP Brainfeeder 09/2011
Martyn Masks / Viper Brainfeeder 01/2011
Martyn All Nights All City Records 11/2010
Martyn Left Hander 3024 07/2010
Kode9 vs. Martyn Hyperdub vs. 3024 Mix Beat Records 06/2010
Martyn Hear Me (Zomby Mix) / Seventy Four (Reds 3024 01/2010
Martyn Miniluv Ostgut Ton 01/2010
Martyn fabric 50 fabric 01/2010
Martyn feat. Spaceape Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix) / Br 3024 10/2009
Martyn Elden St (Sebo K Watergate Edit) Watergate Records 07/2009
Martyn Velvet / Twenty Four 3024 04/2009
Martyn Electric Purring Aus Music 04/2009
Martyn Great Lengths LP 3024 03/2009
Martyn Yet Tectonic 11/2008
Martyn Natural Selection (Flying Lotus' Cleanse 3024 09/2008
Martyn Natural Selection / Vancouver 3024 08/2008
Martyn & Marcus Intalex After Seven Revolve:r 04/2008
Martyn All I Have Is Memories / Suburbia Apple Pips 05/2007
Martyn Broken Revolve:r 04/2007
Martyn Get Down (Underground Resistance Remix) Revolve:r 11/2006
Martyn Virgo / Missing Song Play:musik 04/2006
Martyn Cloud Convention / Believe It Bassbin 04/2006
Martyn I Wonder Why / Share My Wings Revolve:r 10/2005
Martyn Get Down / Black Lies Revolve:r 10/2005


Artist Track Label Released
Goldie Demonz (Martyn's Full Circle Mix) London Music Stream 08/2019
Scuba The Upside (Martyn's Down Mix) Hotflush 11/2018
Martyn Nxt 2 U / Deepwood Play:musik 02/2013
FaltyDL She Sleeps (Martyn Remix) Ninja Tune 10/2012
Chairlift Sidewalk Safari (Martyn's Crystal World Young Turks 01/2012
Sei A Flux (Martyn's Electromagnetic Mix) Turbo 08/2010
Kode9 You Don't Wash (Vocal) (DJ-Kicks) (Marty Studio !K7 07/2010
Tiga Gentle Giant (Martyn's Heaven Remix) Turbo 11/2009
Detachments Circles (Martyn's Round & Round Mix) THISISNOTANEXIT 10/2009
Fever Ray Seven (Martyn's Seventh Mix) Rabid Records 04/2009
Efdemin Acid Bells (Martyn's Bittersweet Mix / M Métisse 03/2009
Flying Lotus Robertaflack (Martyn's Heart Beat Mix) Warp Records 11/2008
Shed Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn's 131 Rem Ostgut Ton 11/2008
Scuba The Upside (Martyn's Down Mix) Hotflush Recordings 07/2008
Shut up And Dance Epileptic (Martyn's No Strobe Mix) Shut Up And Dance Records 06/2008
Black Pocket U're A Sta (Martyn Remix) Fat City 06/2008
Ican Caminos Del Niño (Martyn's Oscuro Mix) Ican Productions 04/2008
Graphik I Am Metal (Martyn's 3024 Robot Mix) Offshore Recordings 07/2006
TRG Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix) Hessle Audio 07/2006